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British Psychological Society (2001, March). The Nature of Hypnosis. Leicester, United Kingdom: Author.

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Health Care Complaints Commission (2011, April 19). Statement of Decision regarding complaints against Mr Gary Haseldine. Australia: New South Wales Government.

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London, P. & Cooper, L.M. (1968). Reactivation of memory by hypnosis and suggestion. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Office of Education, Bureau of Research.

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McConkey, K. & Sheehan, P.W. (1987, October). A survey of the police use of hypnosis in Australia. Criminology Research Council.

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Perussia, F. (2011). Hypnosis reference list. A general resource in alphabetical order. Milano: Psicotecnica.

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Parliament of South Australia (2009, April 28). A review of the Department of Health’s report into hypnosis. Adelaide, South Australia: Social Development Committee.

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