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Friday, 14. January 2011

Chercheurs et explorateurs


Alfred Russel Wallace’s insects

Alfred Russel Wallace was a man of many talents - an explorer, collector, naturalist, geographer, anthropologist and political commentator. Most famously, he had the revolutionary idea of evolution by natural selection entirely independently of Charles Darwin.    NHM  http://www.nhm.ac.uk/nature-online/science-of-natural-history/biographies/wallace/

Wallace was forced to leave school aged 14 to earn his living. Working as a land surveyor in the English and Welsh countryside, he started to study the living things around him.
In 1848, Wallace set off to the Amazon to collect insects and birds to study. He funded his trip by selling duplicates to museums and wealthy collectors back home.
During his 4 year trip he collected thousands of amazing species.

Collecting and sending insects to Bates  Letter from Wallace to Henry Walter Bates listing
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